Bone Broth for Dogs Is the Superfood You Need to Add to Your Dogs Diet

Bone broth is considered a canine super-food, with plenty of dog parents singing its praises. 


A Well-Known Remedy


Most veterinary nutrition experts agree bone broth for dogs is a vital food group with hospice care. 


If the bone broth is enhanced with undenatured Type II collagen peptides, it improves joint and cartilage health while reducing pain. It also helps with upset stomachs, indigestion, picky eaters, liver, and detoxication. Collagen is critical for skin and coat health. 


Bone broth also provides healthy hydration, adding essential minerals and amino acids for pets on an exclusively dry food diet. Bone broth is a popular nutritional supplement for humans; for eons,  


Chinese medicine has used it to nourish the kidneys, support our vital essence (qi), and build blood.


What is Bone Broth?


Bone broth is cooking down the parts of an animal that we don't eat, from skin, tendons, ligaments, marrow, and feet. All of these are simmered under low heat for hours to create the bone broth.


You can use bone broth to supplement home-cooked meals, as a snack, or add to kibble.


Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs 



Collagen is an essential protein and the main component of tissues such as cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bone, and skin. 


When you boil down the bones of chicken or beef, it causes collagen to be released, which, when simmered, forms gelatin. 


In one study with mice, collagen demonstrated that it forms a protective layer in the gut and reduces inflammation. 


Contrary to popular belief, bone broth does not contain collagen peptides. However, it does have a wide variety of collagen-specific amino acids in gelatin (the precursor to collagen peptides).


As your pet ages, this gentle broth can provide the healing Collagen peptides and minerals your pet needs instead of harsh medications. Enriched with undenatured type II collagen to repair joints and cartilage, Active Dawg bone broth is loaded with undenatured Type II collagen and glucosamine. 


Clinical studies demonstrated that the Active Dawg Bone Broth can reduce COX-2 activity, reducing joint pain and inflammation by at least 20% while not significantly inhibiting COX-1 activity, protecting the stomach and intestinal lining.


For bone broth to help heal damaged joints and help with arthritis pain, it needs to be enriched with undenatured Type II Collagen.  Active Dawg USDA Certified Organic Chicken Bone Broth is the only bone broth for dogs that contains 55% undenatured Type II Collagen.


You can help ease your dog's discomfort by learning about and giving them the proper nutrition and support to minimize the damage and turn on the immune system to lessen the effect of arthritis.


Bone broth is one of the superfoods that has been used for eons for nutritional support.


Bone broth is a popular solution for "leaky gut syndrome."


Liver health


According to Dogs Naturally, a dog's liver's capacity to detoxify itself is limited by the availability of the amino acid glycine in your dog's food


Bone broth has a ton of natural glycine.


As with the many and various health claims around bone broth, it's challenging to find peer-reviewed research on this claim. 


Always consult your vet with any concerns.


Joint health


Collagens are a large family of biomolecules, which include glycosaminoglycans which are essential for joint health. 


Glycosaminoglycans have the primary role of maintaining and supporting collagen and elastin that take up the spaces between bones and various fibers. GAGs support digestive health since they help restore the intestinal lining, which is why a deficiency in these nutrients has been linked to digestive challenges.

Several important GAGs are found in bone broth, including glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate.


Drinking collagen doesn't directly lead to building bone or joint tissue. However, the collagen in bone broth will be broken down into amino acids and used to build tissue where the body needs it.


Bone broth is also excellent for a sick or ailing dog. It provides superior hydration for one. Bone broth for dogs helps get the GI tract working again after an illness.

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