7 Reasons Why You Should Add Chicken Bone Broth To Your Dogs Diet

  • Is your dog a picky eater?
  • Has your dog suddenly lost interest in eating their kibble?
  • Are they knocking over their bowl out of boredom with their food?
  • Are you tired of barely eaten or half-eaten bowls of kibble or dog food being returned to the kitchen barely eaten?
  • Put a bowl of kibble in front of them and they immediately return it to the kitchen uneaten?
  • Is your dog suffering from joint pain and/or arthritis? 
  • suffering from loose stools?
  • Is your dog not drinking enough water? Taking your dog on a hike and want to ensure they stay hydrated?

How do you get a dog to eat kibble or drink water before, during or after a hike?

Enter Chicken Bone Broth.

As Newsweek pointed out, like humans, dogs' bodies get weaker as they grow older, and they develop health conditions like arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and digestive issues, to name a few. Fortunately, there's a delicious way to help keep your pet in shape, and that's through feeding him/her a daily serving of chicken bone broth.

7 Reasons Why You Should Add Bone Broth To Your Dogs Diet

  1. Bone broth has an extensive list of vitamins and minerals from which your dog can benefit.
  2. Bone broth include glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid. These all contribute to keeping your pet's joints lubricated, strong, and flexible so your dog can run after their squeaky toy or jogging with you. If you own a dog suffering from arthritis, he/she'll be forever grateful for their cup of yummy bone broth every day!
  3. Bone broth is loaded with an amino acid called glycine that helps with the liver's detoxification process and protects it from damage.
  4. Another way bone broth-sourced glycine can help your dog is to work together with another bone broth-sources amino acid called proline to keep their digestive tract healthy and prevent intestinal permeability called leaky gut syndrome. When your dog has a leaky gut, it creates big holes in the intestines, allowing undigested food and toxins to enter their body. The amino duo helps strengthen and restore the lining of their intestines to protect them from ulcers and food sensitivities and help promote the proliferation of good bacteria (probiotics) in your dog's gut.
  5. Slow cooking of bone broth releases amino acids from the bones to the broth, which can help combat allergies, asthma (yes, your dog can be asthmatic, too), and arthritis while even reducing respiratory inflammation. Because of its surplus of vitamins and minerals, bone broth can help support your pet's immune system and avoid feelings of fatigue, weakness, and dehydration.
  6. Ideally you want to and try to avoid feeding your dog a meal that contains grains or dairy products, as these are two of the most common allergens dogs have. In its most basic form, bone broth is grain-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free, making it relatively easy for your dog to digest their filling meal happily.
  7. Dogs that suffer from a digestive problem like diarrhea or are currently recuperating from an operation or illness tend to have difficulty restoring their appetite. Their weakened state might make kibble-eating much more taxing - but that's where bone broth comes in! You can get creative in the way you feed your pet bone broth: serve it on its own, mixed in with their kibbles, or in the form of ice cubes on a warm day. In any case, their tails will be wagging in anticipation for the next savory meal!he problem with feeding your pet kibbles and nothing else is that it makes it harder for their body to digest their food. Whether your dog is sick or not, combining the hearty nutrition that bone broth offers with the crunchy texture of kibbles can help him/her digest those hard-to-digest carbs better and add moisture to his meal to make it easier to go down. Using this wet and dry combo meal will not only get your four-legged companion more excited for the next chow time, but it can help prevent them from contracting urinary stones or UTIs, too.

Active Dawg USDA Certified Organic Chicken Bone Broth with naturally occurring Glucosamine, Chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and enhanced with Glycosylated Undenatured Type-II Collagen. Contains the probiotic Lactobacillus for dogs' joint and digestion health. 

Did you know that 62% of pet parents are most concerned about nutritional benefits when buying dog food, with 55% saying a healthy diet for their dog is of the utmost importance?

Made in the USA, from organic range chickens - human-grade, USDA Certified Organic, great for restoring joint health, improving digestion, hydrating your dog or as a food topper, gravy for kibble and food or as a treat.

Try Our USDA Certified Organic Chicken Bone Broth:

  1. Upgrade your dog's diet and nutrition.
  2. Improve your dogs' joint and digestion health, and get any picky eater to eat.  We guarantee it.
  3. Easy to use, just add our bone broth to the food your dog is already eating, Boost the flavor of ordinary food and kibble for a picky eater.
  4. Improves immune system
  5. An active, balanced digestion system - contains the probiotic Lactobacillus.
    • The best probiotic for dogs with diarrhea or loose stools is Lactobacillus.
    • Active Dawg USDA Certified Organic Chicken Bone broth contains the all-natural probiotic Lactobacillus. 
  6. Better absorption of nutrients and vitamins,
  7. Moisten dry food to ease chewing for senior dogs
  8. Reduces joint pain and inflammation - Reduction in joint pain (patented). Contains naturally occurring Glucosamine, Chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and is enhanced with Glycosylated Undenatured Type-II Collagen.
    1. Clinical studies have shown that adding 10 mg of Glycosylated Undenatured Type-II Collagen daily experienced a significant reduction in overall pain within 30 days.
    2. With an overall pain reduction of 62%; reduction in exercise-associated lameness, 78%, and pain reduction upon limb manipulation, 91%.

    3. At 120 days, the maximum reduction in pain was noted
  9. Each tablespoon of Active Dawg USDA Certified Organic Chicken Bone Broth contains 10 mg of Glycosylated Undenatured Type-II Collagen
  10. Perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes.
  11. Naturally, recharge your dog’s energy levels.
  12. Gives your dog top-of-the-line nutrition without going through the stress of changing your dog’s food.
  13. Naturally loaded with proteins, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and Glycosylated Undenatured Type II collagen for joint repair and joint and cartridge health, natural probiotic Lactobacillus for digestion health, vitamins, balanced electrolytes, essential and non-essential amino acids.
  14. Save money at the veterinarian by investing in your dog’s health today.

    Enjoy the power and health benefits of Active Dawg USDA Certified Organic Chicken Bone Broth to improve your dogs' health.

    Happy, healthy, active dogs lick their bowl clean with Active Dawg USDA Certified Organic Chicken Bone Broth added.

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