What is Bone Broth? Why Should I Feed It To My Dog…

Ever wonder what is bone broth?  Or why you should feed it to your dog?

Broth for dogs is as old as the earth, Chinese and other Asian countries have known the health benefits, the natural anti-inflammatory foods of and understood how nutrient-dense bone broth is for over 2500 years.

Bone broth is a powerful blend of naturally occurring essential vitamins, amino acids. Bone broth is animal bones and connective tissue e.g. cartilage and meat found in chicken, fish, and beef cattle that is brought to a boil and then slow simmered for over 20 hours in a slow cooker or pressure cooker and can then be frozen in ice cube trays for a nutritious and healthful treat.

So why would you want to feed this to your dog?

What Makes Bone Broth Beneficial to Your Dog?

As your grandmother used to spend hours over a stove boiling and then simmering chicken bones to make chicken bone broth for healthy, protein, vitamin, and amino acid loaded homemade chicken soup.

Your grandmother knew that bone broth and more so her chicken broth (she didn’t tell you that she slow-cooked the chicken feet and marrow bones in the pot) was good for joint care, was loaded with the amino acid glycine, and any picky eater would eat her homemade soup.

Bone broth is good for picky eatrs and dog joiint health
Grandma’s broth was organic broth by every means and often eliminated the need for many anti-inflammatory drugs many of us take routinely today.

Grandma also knew that the jelly-like consistency that resulted from slow-simmering chicken bones, or beef marrow bones resulted in a layer of fat when it cooled with a jelly-like consistency that would heal any digestive tract or upset stomach from food sensitivities or GI problems from food allergies.

It was grandmas comfort food that resulted from her long, slow cooking process of hours of cooking using low simmering heat to remove the bone marrow from the bones with recognizable ingredients and water.

Just like humans, pets need to obtain certain nutrients from their diets in order to live long, vibrant lives. That brings us to the broth for dogs.

Pet parents are beginning to recognize the benefits of sound nutrition for their dogs and the benefits bone broth bring to sick dogs, helps maintain healthy skin and healthy coat, helps senior dogs with joint pain and keeping joints healthy, and the deep nutrition and nutritious extras that broth brings to your dog’s overall health.

There are dozens of different nutrients found within bone broth from amino acids such as collagen, Type II collagen, glycine, gelatin, and trace minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium, these are the benefits of bone broth.

Many of these nutrients can’t be obtained easily from other foods, especially highly processed dog and pet formulas that are made with barely any real “food” at all.

However, by adding bone broth to dry food or solid food as a food topper or mixed with water, you easily fill the nutritional needs to have an active, healthy, and happy dog.

Bone broth can fill in gaps in your dog’s diet to help them deal with common health challenges, like joint aches, dehydration, diarrhea, an upset stomach, and allergies.

Bone broth is a stock liquid pack with nutrients and amino acids made from raw or cooked bones. The delicious taste is achieved by simmering poultry, beef, fish, or pork bones for up to 24 hours.

This slow simmering causes the bones and other parts to release a number of healing compounds, such as collagen, amino acids (arginine, proline, glutamine, and glycine, glucosamine, trace minerals, and more.

Bone broth is a healthy and tasty meal additive packed with major nutritional benefits that can be added to your dog’s mealtime or served as a treat.

Bone broth contains gelatin which helps protect and restore the gut lining. This protects against leaky gut, helps improves digestion, and digestive issues.

What is Bone Broth?  Why Should I Feed It To My Dog

How Bone Broth Helps Protect Joints

Bone broth is a source of gelatin, which may break down into collagen in the body. This is especially important for joint health.

Cartilage in the joints tends to wear down or shrink through continual use.

This can add more stress to the joints, which may become damaged as a result of the added pressure.

A 2017 review that appears in the journal Sports Medicine suggests that animal studies both laboratory and animal studies show that gelatin supplementation increases the amount of collagen in the tissues. This may help protect the joints from unnecessary stress.

Feeding your dog bone broth on a daily basis may be a good way to add gelatin to the diet, which may help protect these joints.

Collagen in bone broth aids with joint health and ensures that synovial fluid the thick lubrication located between the joints hydrated.  This acts as a cushion to ensure that bones don’t come in contact. This fluid is located in the joints throughout a dog’s body: hips, knees, feet, shoulders, and paws.

The compounds present in bone broth help maintain the joints, and they may also help dogs who already have osteoarthritis. A 2016 study in the Nutrition Journal looked at the effects of type 2 collagen in people who had osteoarthritis symptoms in their knees. The collagen came from the connective tissue of chickens. It’s results demonstrated that collagen can improve knee joint symptoms, such as pain, stiffness, and poorer physical function, in people with osteoarthritis.

Feeding your dog bone broth may be an easy way to deliver the same type of collagen, along with other helpful nutrients.

Bone Broth Helps Reduce Inflammation And Heal The Gut

Bone broth contains gelatin which helps protect and restore the gut lining. This protects against leaky gut, helps improves digestion, and digestive issues.

Amino acids in bone broth help with conditions such as leaky gut syndrome, which irritates the mucosal lining in the intestines and interferes with the body’s ability to digest food.

Bone broth helps with overcoming food allergies and intolerances, reduces joint pain, boosts the immune system, promotes probiotic balance and growth, and providing bone-building minerals in an easy to digest and appealing form.


In conjunction with proper diet and exercise, consuming broth can provide benefits for dogs to support their overall well-being.

Bone broth is an excellent addition to a dog’s existing healthy diet and lifestyle.

Active Dawg Chicken Bone Broth contains natural glucosamine, chondroitin, and packed with other joint protecting compounds like chondroitin and hyaluronic acid to support the hip and joint health of our furry friends.

Feeding your dog bone broth daily may be a simple way to get anti-inflammatory amino acids into their diet.

Adding broth to dry kibble is a delicious flavor boost for your dog’s favorite kibble and a quick way to add nutritional benefits for your senior pets.

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