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      Canine Krack 100% Guarantee

      We Are Safe!

      Our products do NOT contain artificial coloring, preservatives, fillers, grains, antibiotics, synthetics, artificial flavors, hormones, or nasty chemicals of any kind. They are NON-GMO.

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      Fresh Made Weekly!

      Brand new fresh products, we make fresh batches weekly, so your product has not been sitting on a shelf for long by the time you receive it.

      Canine Krack USDA Certified Organic

      We Are Organic!

      It's not easy to earn the right to use the USDA official banner, Active Dawg is quality name brand USDA Certified Organic and all-natural products.

      You will love our 100% Satisfaction Money back guarantee. Hundreds of satisfied customers.

      Canine Krack Satified Customers

      We Care About You!

      We always put the customer first. We are committed to providing best in class products AND best in class customer service. We respond to all inquires within 24 hours and will make sure you have a pleasurable experience shopping with us!